Arkansas Medicare Health Plans

There are fifteen Health Plans companies in Arkansas.

Arkansas Medicare-

Arkansas Medicare is health insurance program which covers mostly your health care costs run by Federal government.

Arkansas Medicare Advantage Plans-

Arkansas Medicare Advantage Plan is provided by private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

Arkansas Medicare Prescription Drug Plans-

Everyone with Medicare can get the benefit of Arkansas Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Arkansas Medigap-

Arkansas Medicare supplements are useful for the senior citizens above age 65 along with Medicare to share the benefits and the costs which original Medicare plan does not compensate.

Arkansas Medicaid-

Arkansas Medicaid is a program that helps coverage for people with low monthly income and limited assets .It is a joint Federal and state program.

Arkansas Tricare-

Arkansas Tricare is the Medicare program provided to uniformed service and their families. Tricare service centers are located inside Military treatment facilities.

Arkids First-

There is two options of coverage to children. ARKids A offers coverage in association with Medicare to low income family children. ARKids B offers coverage to too high income families not qualifying for Medicaid. For both the plans have little or usually no premium.

Arkansas Women’s Health-

Arkansas state offers basic women’s health services to those who are not qualified for Medicaid. It involves information on preventing HIV, family planning, lab work, physical examinations.

Arkansas CHIP-

Arkansas CHIP provides coverage for residents who have no coverage because of their preexisting high risk conditions. It is regulated by HIPAA law. CHIP is also called Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool.